USB and SSD Data Recovery

Recovery from USB sticks, SD card, Camera card and SSD drives.

Why use DataWreck?

At DataWreck we offer a totally free preliminary analysis and a 'no fix, no fee' data recovery solution. Therefore, if we cannot recover your files we will not charge you anything.

Once the analysis is complete, We will present you with an exact, no obligation quote for your USB pen.

What is wrong with your device?

Logical Damage

This type of damage covers issues related to the partitions and information held on the USB drive. Typical cases include accidental deletion of files, operating system re-installs and corrupted partitions.

Electrical / Conductivity Damage

This is for damage related, mainly, to the PCB (Printed circuit board). we typically see this type of damage after a power surge or knocking the pen while it is plugged in.

Physical Damage

This covers drives that have suffered a catastrophic failure of PCB components such as the controller chip.

How long does a typical recovery take?

It is difficult to say how long each case will last as there are many different issues and types of damage that a USB drive can suffer from. Each of these will need varying lengths of time for completion. For these devices, we aim to turn each case around within two weeks.

We do offer a priority rate service which guarantees that your case will be worked on by at least one technician around the clock until the case has reached some conclusion. This service will incur an upfront, non refundable surcharge of £200.00.

Will your data / privacy be protected?

We take data security very seriously. During it's time with us, your data will not be viewed by anyone who is not authorized to do so. No data that is processed will be shared, copied or even discussed outside of our secure premises.

We keep a 'Safety Copy' of your data once your recovery has been completed. This is in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as damage in transit or during transfer to your system. You will also have this time to let us know of any issues with your recovery

This copy is securely held for 14 days starting from the day that your recovery is dispatched. After this time, the safety copy will be securely erased ensuring that it will never be recoverable.

How can you start your data recovery case?

To start your data recovery case, you simply need to ship your USB drive to our main office. You will need to label your damaged USB drive along with any destination media or extras that you are sending. Ensure that everything is well packaged and protected on all sides. Envelopes or padded envelopes are not suitable for shipping USB drives. Please use a good, sturdy cardboard box.

Don't forget to include a cover note with your name, contact details (including telephone number) and relevant information about the USB pen (what happened to it / what data needs to be recovered).

If you are not sure what to put, then please fill out our enquiry form and print it out.

Our address is:
38 Pall Mall
Stoke On Trent

You are also very welcome to drop off your USB drive in person if it is convenient.