DataWreck Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service

i) The contract of work

The owner of the digital media (hereby now referred to as the client) authorises the company (DataWreck limited liability partnership) and its agents to carry out analysis and recovery processes upon the electronic media in a contract of work with the company.

The client understands and consents that DataWreck carries out a free analysis which is used to determine a quotation. The client does not have to pay at any point up to this stage, except for shipping costs to the company and gives full consent for an analysis to be carried out.

The client also understands that any work carried out after this point will be charged at the full price of quotation based on the size of the media and that DataWreck will not carry out “repairs” and charge in non-accordance to our price guide/quote.

The client understands that whilst DataWreck will accept full responsibility for submitted items of digital media, DataWreck accepts no responsibility for extras or peripherals to digital media (including but not limited to cables, caddies or casings) if said items are not clearly labelled prior to submission.

By releasing the digital media to DataWreck the owner of the media agrees to and accepts these terms and conditions and gives permission to use invasive methods of data recovery that in most cases will void any given warranty.

ii) Legality

The client is viewed and accepts responsibility as the legal owner of all data contained upon the digital media.

The client understands that DataWreck operates a No recovery No fee policy and that if no data is recovered the customer will not be charged, except for shipping costs to the company. The client also understands that a data recovery attempt is not a guaranteed promise of data returned and DataWreck accepts no responsibility of any further degradation to any given digital media.

DataWreck will keep any recovered information on our system no longer than fourteen days (or as the customer requests) for back up purposes for the client, in case of repeated damage symptoms to the original data. After that period data will be fully erased from storage.

After fourteen days (or as agreed) the returned media will no longer be in our possession and the full fee will be charged for a re-recovery. It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that the desired data has been returned within this time frame. DataWreck accepts no responsibility for missing data.

iii) Confidentiality Agreement

The client understands and consents that DataWreck operates a complete confidential and non-disclosure ethos of operation and will not pass on, sell or loan any information obtained from data recovery work, except if the data is in violation of the laws of England and Wales.

iv) Payment

The client understands and consents that payment is due in full in accordance to the quote upon the completion of successful recovery, prior to the release of any recovered data. DataWreck will hold recovered data no more than 30 days from the date of recovery and then it will be erased and re-recovery will be charged at full cost.

The client understands that DataWreck may loan out freely a unit of digital media with any recovered data on and also that this unit is to be returned within an acceptable time (regarded as two weeks from the date of issue). If this drive is not returned there client will be invoiced for the cost of the drive.