Choosing the right data recovery comapany

Our tips and reasonings on finding the right data recovery company for you.

Free Analysis

This is a must. Not only has this become an industry standard but it means the quote you get is very likely to be reasonable. A company spending all their time free of charge, analysing drives only to have the majority of quotes refused would be out of business quickly.

Dedicated to Data Recovery

It must be tempting for a business in the I.T. industry to add data recovery to its services in the hope of making some extra money. Be advised, data recovery is an industry unto itself. The tools, training and constant research on new media being released mean there is little chance a company could perform effective and professional recovery as an additional service.

No-Recovery No-Fee

There really is no reason you should pay for a service that has not been performed. In some cases there can simply be too much damage to the data for it to be recovered however a data recovery company confident in its skills should expect the vast majority of jobs to be recovered.

Confident Staff

You should be able to feel free at any time to ask questions about your recovery. The staff should be able to give you detailed answers to your questions and be happy to explain what they are/will be doing to recover your data.

Any Platform, Any Media

While hard drives using Windows tend to be the most common device seen in data recovery there a great many devices and ways to store data. A professional data recovery company should have the experience and knowledge to deal with a wide range of media and be able to cope with the different file/operating systems these devices use. Expect an experienced company to be able to handle all forms of drives including RAID arrays and all forms of Solid State at the very least.

No Hidden Charges

A lot of companies advertise cheap ‘Fixed’ costs. This may be the cost of the recovery but then after adding the price of a hard drive to return your data, return postage and any additional costs/parts the quote may be suddenly a lot higher. At DataWreck what we quote for recovery is the total for the job. No additional charges are made and we happily lend drives to clients so they avoid having to buy a brand new drive if they dont want one.

Realistic but Reasonable Prices

As a service industry data recovery can be expensive. Highly trained and qualified technicians will not be charging minimum wage for their time. While you should search for a range of prices, seeing ‘Data recovery from £50’ especially if you have a large drive, should be treated with caution.

High Success Rate

A high success rate of around 90-95%% should be a good indication. This figure shows that the company is skilled enough to complete the vast majority of jobs. Certain companies may be more cautious on what cases they take on in order to preserve a good rate of success however anywhere in this range is fine. 100% success is simply not possible as with some cases there is simply too much damage to recover the data.


As simple as it sounds always check to make sure the company you choose has offices.

A P.O. Box or residential address should alert you to the possibility you media may be being worked on in someone’s spare bedroom.

Good Communication

We always advise calling and talking to a data recovery company before sending anything to them. Make sure when you call either the phone is answered straight away or they get back to you very promptly. If time is a factor in getting your data back a breakdown in communication would be a disaster.