Data Recovery FAQ

My drive has been in a fire/flood/suffered severe damage. Can anything be saved?

We perform data recoveries on drives that have sustained the most severe types of damage. We have recovered data from media that has been flooded, been in a fire or has been severely physically damaged. We have achieved a successful recovery where many companies have failed.

How long will the process take?

Typical job turn around time is around 3-5 days with the first 48 hours being the analysis. On some occasions this can take longer depending on the damage and the time it may take for donor parts to arrive. We understand data recovery can be very time critical in some cases and will always try to give these jobs priority.

How does the data get returned to me?

Depending on the amount of data recovered. If it is less than 20GB we would tend to send your data out on DVD(s). If it is more than 20GB we would copy the data onto an external drive and lend this to you to be returned when you have copied the data off it.

I live quite far away, how will I get the media to you?

We do cover the whole UK and would recommend a service such as Royal Mail’s Special Delivery. The advantage of this service is that you have both insurance and the ability to track your media. In terms of packaging plenty of padding is a must and we recommend a sturdy box.

This data is critical I need it ASAP but its the weekend, can you help?

We always have staff on call in case of emergency and while our official hours are 9-5pm Monday-Friday we do work on demand. Our phones and emails are answered 24/7 so we’ll be happy to work something out.

There are a wide range of quotes out there. Some are very expensive and some very cheap why is this?

Different companies do have different pricing structures and try to target different markets. We try to be as cheap as possible and keep our quotes low so the general public can find affordable data recovery. We would advise though beware of the ‘too good to be true’ quotes.

If your drive has suffered physical damage and your being offered quotes of around £30-£95 chances are the parts needed cost more than that. Data recovery especially from damaged drives is not an easy process and technicians working on them will be highly skilled and charge accordingly for their time.

I have a large capacity drive but I only want a small amount of data. Will this be cheaper?

We do price based on the total capacity of a drive rather than the amount of data on it. Regardless of how much or little data is needed the entire drive would have to be imaged and as the drive size increases so does the time it takes for every stage of the recovery.

My drive is making a clicking/beeping/squeaking noise, anything I can do?

If the drive is suffering from any form of physical or electrical damage there really is nothing you can do at this point. It will need the attention of a professional data recovery company and we would advise not powering the drive on at all from this point.

There is some software and ‘do it yourself’ advice on the internet. Should I try this first?

It really depends on how valuable the data is and the condition of the drive. In rare cases the data can be recovered by these means but in the vast majority of cases it will only increase the likelihood of losing your data for ever. In addition, make sure you never install this downloaded software to the same drive that you are recovering from.

I’ve accidentally deleted important files and emptied the recycle bin. What now?

We would recommend no further use of the drive until you have the data back. Using the drive in any fashion for any period of time will increase the chances of those files being overwritten.

I’ve just got my data back from you but I broke the DVD!

Don’t panic! We keep recoveries backed up unless requested otherwise for 14 days. There will be another sent to you with no extra charge.

Can I re-use my drive now the data has been recovered?

We would strongly advise against the use of drives once they have failed. While it may be possible with logical damage to reformat the drive and continue to use it, the risk of the problem repeating itself is high. If you do wish to reuse a drive in this event we strongly urge you to keep it backed up and not use it for anything you wouldn’t risk being lost.

Now my data is safe I’m thinking of buying another hard drive. Any tips?

Yes, while we do charge for recovery, advice is free and you can call us any time to discuss different options.