Our Data Recovery Process

1. Our analysis period typically takes between 24-48 hours from the time we receive your media. As soon as your media arrives it is booked in on our system and a member of staff will call you to let you know it has arrived.

2. During the analysis period a number of tests will be performed in order to determine the fault, generate an exact quotation and source parts if needed. At the end of this period a member of staff will call you to give you a report, list of files that are recoverable and your no obligation quotation.

3. If the data is beyond recovery or the quote is too high your media will be returned to you with no charge.

4. Assuming that the data you need can be recovered, and you have accepted the quote, once payment has been made the data will be recovered and transferred to return media. In the event of a less than 100% recovery we will send a file listing out showing everything we can recover for you to verify.

If the recovery is in total less than 20GB in size, your data will be returned on DVD(s). In the case of a larger recovery we will send out an external drive containing your data. This drive is to be returned or purchased within two weeks of the date sent out.

We prefer to loan drives out as we understand not everyone wants another drive added to their bill and may have already bought one anyway. Clients are more than welcome to supply their own return media if they wish, however please note, any data on the return media will be lost.

Post Recovery

We are always happy to provide after care to help you get back to normality after a data loss situation. Unless requested otherwise we will also back up your recovery for a period of 14 days just in case you have any mishaps. Rather than charge you again we will happily provide another copy.

You should consider contacting a data recovery company if you loose the ability to access your files. With any physical damage or even if you have just deleted files it is important to cease the use of the media until a data recovery company has confirmed the fault.